Список книг
Автор и название ISBN
*ACHEBE Things Fall Apart 1356
ARISTOTLE Poetics 1968
AUGUSTINE Confessions 1283
*AUSTEN Emma 0368
*AUSTEN Mansfield Park 052X
*AUSTEN Northanger Abbey 1097
*AUSTEN Persuasion 0724
*AUSTEN Pride and Prejudice 0015
*AUSTEN Sanditon and other Stories 2255
*AUSTEN Sense and Sensibility 0511
BALZAC Cousin Bette 0155
BALZAC Eugenie Grandet 1194
*BALZAC Old Goriot 0376
*BEAUVOIR The Second Sex 1372
*BELLOW The Adventures of Augie March 2158
*BLAKE Poems and Prophecies 0341
*BORGES Ficciones 1666
*BOSWELL The life of Samuel Johnson 1011
*C.BRONTE Jane Eyre 0104
C.BRONTE Villette 0686
*E.BRONTE Wuthering Heights 0023
*BULGAKOV The Master and Margarita 066Х
BUTLER The Way of all Flesh 1186
*CALVINO If on a Winter's Night a Traveler 1380
*CAMUS The Outsider 1399
*CERVANTES Don Quixote 0031
*CHAUCER Canterbury Tales 0740
*CHEKHOV The Steppe and other Stories 0457
*CHEKHOV My Life and other Stories 1208
*CHOPIN The Awakening 1321
*COLERIDGE Poems 0279
*COLLINS The Moonstone 1224
*COLLINS The Woman in White 018Х
CONFUCIUS Analects 1844
*CONRAD Heart of Darkness 1747
*CONRAD Lord Jim 0651
*CONRAD Nostromo 0880
*CONRAD The Secret Agent 1232
*CONRAD Typhoon and other Stories 004X
*CONRAD Under Western Eyes 0430
*CONRAD Victory 1445
*DANTE The Divine Comedy 1836
*DEFOE Moll Flanders 0325
*DEFOE Robinson Crusoe 0163
*DICKENS Bleak House 0082
*DICKENS David Copperfield 0317
DICKENS Dombey and Son 1674
*DICKENS Great Expectations 0562
*DICKENS Hard Times 0732
*DICKENS Little Dorrit 1119
*DICKENS Martin Chuzzlewit 200X
*DICKENS Nicholas Nickleby 1593
DICKENS The Old Curiosity Shop 2093
*DICKENS Oliver Twist 1100
*DICKENS Our Mutual Friend 1607
*DICKENS The Pickwick Papers 2115
*DICKENS A Tale of Two Cities 1437
DIDEROT Memoirs of a Nun 0902
*DONNE The Complete English Poems 0058
*DOSTOEVSKY The Brothers Karamazov 0708
*DOSTOEVSKY Crime and Punishment 035X
DOSTOEVSKY The Demons 1828
*ELIOT Adam Bede 0597
*ELIOT Middlemarch 0066
*ELIOT The Mill on the Floss 1127
*ELIOT Silas Marner 1410
FAULKNER The Sound and the Fury 0694
*FIELDING Joseph Andrews and Shamela 1135
*FIELDING Tom Jones 0287
*FITZGERALD The Great Gatsby 0198
*FITZGERALD This Side of Paradise 2271
*FLAUBERT Madame Bovary 1402
*FORD The Good Soldier 0201
*FORD Parade's End 1143
*FORSTER Howards End 0252
*FORSTER A Passage to India 0295
GASKELL Mary Barton 1852
*GIBBON The Decline and Fall (vols 1-3) 0953
*GIBBON The Decline and Fall (vols 4-6) 1925
*GOETHE Selected Works  
GONCHAROV Oblomov 1240
*GRASS The Tin Drum 147X
*GREENE Brighton Rock 1461
*GREENE The Human Factor 0716
*HARDY Far from the Madding Crowd 021X
*HARDY Jude the Obscure 1151
*HARDY The Mayor of Casterbridge 1488
*HARDY The Return of the Native 116Х
*HARDY Tess of the d'Urbervilles 0333
HARDY The Woodlanders 2336
*HASEK The Good Soldier Svejk 1518
*HAWTHORNE The Scarlet Letter 1259
*HELLER Catch-22 2204
*HEMINGWAY The Collected Stories 1879
*HEMINGWAY A Farewell to Arms 1496
*HERBERT The Complete English Works 2042
*HERODOTUS The Histories 2344
HOGG Confessions of a Justified Sinner 1267
*HOMER The Iliad 0600
*HOMER The Odyssey 0945
*HUGO Les Miserables 2395
JAMES The Ambassadors 2476
*JAMES The Awkward Age 1526
*JAMES The Bostonians 0821
*JAMES Collected Stories (vol. 1) 7850
*JAMES Collected Stories (vol. 2) 7869
*JAMES The Golden Bowl 1178
*JAMES The Portrait of a Lady 0392
*JAMES The Princess Casamassima 0503
*JAMES The Wings of the Dove 2301
*JOYCE Dubliners 049X
*JOYCE A Portrait of The Artist as a Young Man 0090
*JOYCE Ulysses 1003
*KAFKA The Castle 1275
*KAFKA Collected Stories 1453
*KAFKA The Trial 0759
*KEATS The Poems 0538
KIERKEGAARD Fear and Trembling 178X
*KIPLING Collected Stories 1992
*KIPLING Kim 2034
*LACLOS Les Liaisons Dangereuses 0767
*LAMPEDUSA The Leopard 0236
LANGLAND etc. Piers Plowman and Sir Gawain &The Green Knight 2247
*LAWRENCE Collected Stories 1801
LAWRENCE The Rainbow 1615
*LAWRENCE Sons and Lovers 0228
*LAWRENCE Women in Love 0775
*LERMONTOV A Hero of Our Time 0783
LEVI If this is a man/The Truce 2220
*LEVl The Periodic Table 2182
LOCKE Essays 1631
*MACHIAVELLI The Prince 0791
MANN Buddenbrooks 1070
MANN Death in Venice and other Stories 0473
*MANN Doctor Faustus 0805
MANSFIELD The Garden Party and other Stories 0481
*MARCUS AURELIUS Meditations 0554
*MARQUEZ Love in the Time of Cholera 2352
*MARQUEZ One Hundred Years of Solitude 2239
*MARVELL The Complete Poems 1534
*MELVILLE The Complete Shorter Fiction 2328
*MELVILLE Moby Dick 0406
*MILL On Liberty & Utilitarianism 0813
*MILTON The Complete English Poems 097X
MISHIMA The Temple of the Golden Pavilion 1690
*MONTAGU Letters 1313
*MORE Utopia 0619
*MORRISON Song of Solomon 2166
*MURASAKI The Tale of Genii 1089
*NABOKOV Lolita 133X
*NABOKOV Pale Fire 0678
*NABOKOV Speak,Memory  
*NAIPAUL A House for Mr Biswas 2131
*ORWELL Ammal Farm 150X
ORWELL Essays (vol 1) 7559
ORWELL Essays (vol 2) 7567
*ORWELL Nineteen Eighty Four 1348
*PAINE Rights of Man and Common Sense 1895
PASCAL Penses 1860
*PASTERNAK Doctor Zhivago 0414
PEACOCK The Novels 1682
*PLATO The Republic 0988
PLATO Symposium 1941
*РОЕ The Complete Stories 0996
POPE Poems  
*PUSHKIN The Collected Stories 083X
*RABELAIS Gargantua & Pantagruel 181X
*ROTH The Radetsky March 1976
*ROUSSEAU Confessions 0848
*ROUSSEAU The Social Contract and the Discourses 1623
*SCOTT Rob Roy 2107
*SHAKESPEARE The Sonnets and Narrative Poems 0910
*SHAKESPEARE Tragedies (vol 1) 0929
*SHAKESPEARE Tragedies (vol 2) 164Х
*SHAKESPEARE Histories (vol 1) 1771
*SHAKESPEARE Histories (vol 2) 1933
*SHAKESPEARE Comedies (vol 1) 2050
SHAKESPEARE Comedies (vol 2) 2263
SHAKESPEARE Romances 2298
*SHELLEY Frankenstein 0627
*SMITH The Wealth of Nations 0112
*SOLZHENITSYN Ivan Denisovich 2190
SOPHOCLES The Theban Plavs 0937
STEAD The Man Who Loved Children 2077
*STEINBECK The Grapes of Wrath 1542
*STENDHAL The Charterhouse of Parma 102X
*STENDHAL Scarlet and Black 0384
STERNE Tristram Shandy 0074
*STEVENSON Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde 0635
STEVENSON Ballantrae / Hermiston 1062
*STOWE Uncle Tom's Cabin 2069
*SWIFT Gulliver's Travels 0260
*TANIZAK1 The Makioka Sisters 1550
*THACKERAY Vanity Fair 0120
*THOREAU Walden 1364
*TOCQUEVILLE Democracy in America 1798
*TOLSTOY Anna Karenina 0589
TOLSTOY Childhood, Boyhood and Youth 0139
TOLSTOY The Cossacks 1704
TOLSTOY Stories (vol 1) 7575
TOLSTOY Stories (vol 2) 7583
*TOLSTOY War and Peace (3 vols) 0961
*TROLLOPE The Warden 0147
*TROLLOPE Barchester Towers 0570
*TROLLOPE Doctor Thorne 1658
*TROLLOPE Framley Parsonage 1712
*TROLLOPE The Small House at Allington 2379
TROLLOPE The Last Chronicle of Barset 2085
TROLLOPE Can You Forgive Her? 195X
TROLLOPE Phineas Finn 2387
*TROLLOPE The Eustace Diamonds 1046
TURGENEV Fathers and Children 0171
TURGENEV First Love and other Stories 1917
*TURGENEV A Sportsman's Notebook 0546
*TWAIN Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn 0449
*UPDIKE Rabbit Angstrom: The four novels 214Х
*VASARI Lives of the Painters...(vol. 1) 780X
*VASARI Lives of the Painters... (vol. 2) 7818
*VIRGIL The Aeneid 0856
*VOLTAIRE Candide and other Stories 1305
*WAUGH Brideshead Revisited 1720
*WAUGH The Complete Short Stories 1909
*WAUGH Decline and Fall 1569
*WAUGH The Sword of Honour Trilogy 1739
WHARTON The Age of Innocence 2026
*WHARTON The Custom of the Country 1984
*WHARTON The House of Mirth 0465
*WHARTON The Reef 2018
*WILDE Plays, Prose Writing and Poems 0422
*WOLLSTONECRAFT Rights of Woman 0864
*WOOLF Mrs Dalloway 1577
*WOOLF To the Lighthouse 0309
WORDSWORTH Prelude & Lyrical Ballads 245X
*YEATS Poems 1038
ZOLA Germinal 0244
*The Arabian Nights (vol. 1) 0872
*The Arabian Nights (vol. 2) 1429
Beowulf and The Battle of Maldon 228X
*The Book of Common Prayer 2417
Hindu Scriptures 0643
*The Koran 1054
The Mabinogian 2441
*The New Testament 2409
The Old Testament 1755